Can engineers fix the world?

Open to debate

Open to debate



Le monde

Can we really fix the world?

“I don't believe that fixing is the right word. It suggests that the world can be fixed.”

Océane Lannoy (INSA student)

“Fixing means that the world would be restored to its previous state, so I don't really believe in it either.”

Gaétan Lepoutre (Les Alchimistes & Élise)

Can we have an impact even through the smallest contributions?

“When it comes to the challenges facing society, every contribution counts. The more powerful the company, the greater its responsibility towards society. Due to our size and the sheer depth of our commitments, we are playing a leading role in promoting inclusion.”

Thierry Covelo (VINCI)

“You shouldn't want to be perfect at all costs, because it will affect your ability to grow and have an impact. Financial profitability is still a prerequisite for a company to have a sense of purpose, and a company has no other choice than to be profitable to continue taking action.”

Gaétan Lepoutre (Les Alchimistes & Élise)

Is degrowth a viable option?

“In light of the challenges currently facing society, the engineer has a vital role to play in leading change.”

Gaétan Lepoutre (Les Alchimistes & Élise)

“We'd like to have the ability to direct where progress is heading and stop rushing headlong into innovation all costs, and instead choose streamlined alternatives that are simpler with a lower level of technology, even if it means giving up a certain level of comfort.”

Audrey Jolibois (INSA student)