Can engineers fix the world?

Worth knowing


Engineers' tips for future engineers

Arthur, Leslie, Simon, Dounia, Christopher and Gaétan listened to your questions about your future as engineers during the INSA roadshow event. Drawing on their own experience, they have provided some key tips to help steer you towards your future career.

Who are they?

ARTHUR BAUR is the director of Graine en Main, an association that runs a market gardening scheme to improve employability, while supporting small-scale farming.

LESLIE GONÇALVES is the co-founder of Seuil Architecture, an architectural consultancy that specialises in sober, sensitive and positive impact designs.

SIMON LETOURNEAU is the co-founder of Carbo, a free web app that individuals can use to calculate their daily carbon footprint.

DOUNIA DEMS is a physical chemical engineer at the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimetics in Senlis (CEEBIOS).

CHRISTOPHER SANTERRE is an industrial designer and co-designer of the L'Increvable, the first repairable and scalable eco-designed washing machine.

GAÉTAN LEPOUTRE is the co-founder of Les Alchimistes, a local company that collects and turns food waste into compost.